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Charities Program - Optional Registration

Registering Email Address

Welcome to the Secretary of State’s Charities Program online filing!

 If your group meets any of the conditions below, you may file an “Optional Registration” form.

  • Any organization that is totally volunteer run AND raises less than $50,000 a year from the public
  • Fundraising activities are on behalf of a specific individual if ALL of the proceeds are for the direct benefit of that individual. This condition does not apply to groups that fundraise for one or more individuals on a repeated and ongoing basis.
  • Churches and their Integrated Auxiliaries
  • Political Organizations
If you would like to continue and file the “Optional Registration” with the Charities Program, please enter your email address below to get started!

The email address entered will be used for sending a follow-up email about your online filing. It will also allow you the ability to save and return to this online form later, if you choose.


Please Note: If you need to access online filing services for corporate documents, please visit .